Mallorca Announces A ‘Bikini Ban’

If you’re planning to take a break in one of our villas in Mallorca this year then make sure you’re ready to cover up when you’re away from the beach or the pool.  As new laws look likely to be introduced that could result in a 600 euro fine for anyone who dares to wear just swimming trunks or a bathing costume in the street – an initiative which is just part of a wider Good Citizen Plan designed to promote ‘harmony and civility’ on the island.

Palma, Mallorca

This new measure, which has been drawn up by the council in the capital of Palma, has already made the national press in the UK and is designed to stop tourists wandering topless or half -dressed through the streets of the capital. 

Other proposals include outlawing cycling on the pavement, the consumption of alcohol in the street and taking glass bottles onto the beach, all of which seems reasonable enough.  However the current plans also include banning the use of buckets on the beach – which isn’t great news for anyone who was planning on creating a few sandcastles with their kids this summer!

The Ordenanza Civica isn’t just designed to frustrate tourists however as it is also aimed at island residents in an attempt to promote good behaviour across all sectors of society.  Some observers have suggested that it is just a money making scheme though, an accusation that has been flatly denied by the city’s Vice Mayor, Alvaro Gijon.

A similar ban on “nudity or virtual nudity in public places” was introduced in Barcelona a few years ago, limiting swimwear to pools, beaches and adjacent roads, with trunk-wearing wanderers facing fines there of 120 to 300 euros.  Both Barcelona and Palma are of course major, sophisticated cities in their own right and these bylaws illustrate the difficulties facing urban areas that also play host to beaches.

The new laws on Mallorca are set to be implemented from May 1st, so make sure you revise your holiday packing accordingly!