Lanzarote Tourist Boom Continues

Lanzarote’s growing popularity as a holiday destination shows no signs of abating any time soon.  As according to the latest data just released by AENA, the Spanish Airports Authority, foreign passenger numbers have soared by over 20% during the first four months of 2013 alone.

Ryanair, Lanzarote
Ryanair Has Boosted French Arrivals

Lanzarote welcomed over 2.1 million tourists last year, an impressive figure for such a relatively small island.  And this figure looks set to grow substantially again in 2014, as over 690,000 foreign tourists have already enjoyed a break here this year.

Where is this growth coming from?  Well, if expenditure on foreign holidays is any type of positive economic indicator then it is fair to say that the recovery in Britain is well and truly under way, as the UK, Lanzarote’s largest market, is sending over more tourists than ever before, accounting for 50% of all foreign arrivals.  An upswing that can also be attributed to the fact that there is now much more competition amongst the low cost carriers such as Ryanair and easyJet on the UK to Lanzarote route, which has helped to bring flight prices down substantially over the last couple of years.

This same factor is also driving growth in newer markets.  For example the French are now able to reach Lanzarote direct with Ryanair for the first time with prices from as little as 65 euros one way.  And as a result arrivals have boomed too, with France now rapidly establishing itself as Lanzarote’s fourth largest market after the UK, Germany and Eire.

April was the fourth consecutive month of double digit growth in passenger numbers flying to Lanzarote, as arrivals in January, February and March rose by 25%, 24% and 14% respectively.  And should this current rate of growth continue Lanzarote will break the 2.5million visitor barrier for the first time in 2014.