Don’t Dilly Dally, Do Dali

The Costa Brava is well known for its rugged coastline, cosmopolitan cities and top quality cuisine. But for culture lovers the real icing on the cake is the region’s close relationship with the world famous surrealist Salvador Dali, who was born in Figueres close to the coast of Catalonia, adding a huge dash of stylish flash to the region’s already varied roster of tourist attractions.

Salvador Dali
Surreal Salvador

All About Dali

Salvador Dali was born in 1904 into a relatively comfortable middle class family (his father worked as a notary, a role very similar to that of a registrar in the UK) and went on to study at the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts – an institution also attended by his close contemporary Cesar Manrique, who also had a similar, pronounced impact on his respective birthplace of Lanzarote.

He staged his first one man show in Barcelona in 1925 before finding international recognition at the Carnegie International Exhibition in Pittsburgh three years later, which was the first step on the road to establishing himself in the vanguard of the Spanish surrealist movement, which also counted Picasso and Miro within their number, before his expulsion in 1934 after a disagreement with other members of this highly influential artistic clique.

Throughout the 1940´s and 50´s Dali´s work developed along different lines and he began to focus more on larger canvasses, exploring quasi-religious and scientific themes, such as The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus and The Sacrament of The Last Supper.

Dali Attractions in The Costa Brava

Towards the end of his career Dali founded the Teatro Museum in Figueres before living a more secluded lifestyle after the death of his wife Gala in 1982. Today this is just one of a three high quality Dali attractions that are a real must for any visitors to Costa Brava and which are sometimes referred to as The Dalinian Triangle!

Dali Museum, Costa Brava, Spain

Dali Theatre Museum

The Dali Theatre Museum is located on the site of a former municipal building in Figueres, which was raised by bombing during the Second World War. Dali rebuilt the edifice which boasts a wealth of his finest surrealist work.

Open : 09.30 – 18.00 daily
Admission : 12 euros adults, 9 euros children students and OAPS
Tel : 34 972 677 500

Dali House Museum

Dali actually lived in this property in Portlligat for much of his career and it now operates as a house museum.

Open : 09.30 – 18.00 daily
Admission : 12 euros adults, 9 euros children students and OAPS
Tel : 34 972 677 500

Gala Dalí Castle House-Museum

Located in Pubol this is the castle that Dali retreated to not long after the death of his beloved wife Gala.

Open : 10.00 – 18.00 daily
Admission : 8 euros adults, 6 euros children students and OAPS
Tel : 34 972 488 655

Further Info

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