Cuisine On The Costa Brava

If you’re planning on taking a break in one of our villas in Costa Brava then you’re in for a real culinary treat. As this coastal stretch of Catalonia is now well established as a world renowned destination for foodies.

The quality of cuisine in the region is high across the board, making it difficult to have a bad meal even in relatively low to mid-range eateries. But it’s at the high end that the Costa Brava really hits the top notes, not least as the region boasts Michelin starred restaurants that don’t always have to cost the earth.

Sea and Mountain Mixture

It’s fair to say that the region’s location is key to its position as one of the best culinary destinations in Europe. Squeezed between the sea and the mountains this part of Catalonia enjoys the very best of the bounty from both of these environments, so ensuring meat and fish dishes are all totally top quality.

The El Bulli Factor

Ferran Adria, El Bulli Restaurant, Costa Brava, Spain
Master At Work…Ferran Adria

The region really came to prominence thanks to the creative efforts of the world famous chef Ferran Adria, who set new, experimental benchmarks at his renowned restaurant El Bulli, located close to the lovely coastal town of Roses.

At the height of its popularity El Bulli was said to have received over 2 million reservation requests. Yet despite the fact that they were also charging northwards of 250 euros per head it was still nigh on impossible for Adria to turn a serious profit, such was the scope of the project and the investment in personnel and product. So this once much loved restaurant is now more of a culinary research centre.

Great Places To Eat

So now that El Bulli is no longer with us which are the best restaurants to visit? The region is stuffed with Michelin starred restaurants but the current leaders of the pack are El Cellar Can Roca and Restaurant San Pou, both of which boast no less than three stars.

El Cellar Can Roca

Dining Room, El Cellar Can Roca, Costa Brava, Spain
Dining room at El Cellar Can Roca

This modernist and streamlined restaurant is located on the outskirts of Girona and is under the stewardship of the Roca brothers, serving classic Catalonian dishes with a contemporary twist. However quality of this calibre doesn’t come cheap, so expect to pay €155 for their current tasting menu, which includes five courses and two desserts.

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Restaurant San Pou

El Cellar is not the only three starred Michelin establishment in the region however as south of Girona in Sant Pol de Mar lies the fabulous San Pou Restaurant, which is home to the talents of Carme Ruscadella and her dedicated team.

The location is almost as stunning as the food, as the restaurant is located in an old seafront townhouse which looks out over a lovely garden to the shimmering Med below. The current tasting menu comes in at €159 and features six courses and a dessert, with dishes including Pirinese Foal Loin cooked with black garlic and banana and Miso and Diced Foie Gras served with champignons, vegetables, umeboshi & lemon.

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